Video Sewer Inspection

Drain Cleaning

Water Jetting

At FPI Services we can video camera, locate and record drain lines from 1 1/2" to 12". When we locate your drain pipes there is no guessing where the drain lines are and direction the pipes are flowing. We can also video record and make copies for your records. This video camera and locating can all be used for under homes or buildings, yards, roads and many other areas. FPI Services can provide you with this service because we stock this equipment in all service trucks. Give FPI Services a call to schedule your appointment.

FPI Services Offers High-Pressure Water Jetting service for all drain systems. With High-Pressure Water Jetting we can remove grease, sludge, sand and debris which are the main causes of drain line blockages. Our high-pressure water jetting service can help you clear this sediment by penetrating and emulsifying grease, breaking up sludge and debris, pulverizing roots, cutting out hardened scale and flushing out the system. This is the most effective way of cleaning any drain line. FPI Services can clean out any drain from storm drains to main lines and much more. We can high-pressure water jet drain lines from 1 1/2" to 36" in size. Give FPI Services a call to schedule your appointment.


At FPI Services we take care of all your drain cleaning needs. No matter what kind of water you have running from one place to another, we're experts. From kitchen, bathroom, laundry and main drain lines just to name a few. Cable machines are a great way to quickly open a drain line or when a high pressure water jetting can not be used (See water jetting below). Keep in mind that cabling drain lines with grease, debris, etc is not the best fix because cabling will only clean parts of the line leaving some of the obstruction behind. Give us a call to schedule your preventive maintenance on any or all of your drain lines to help prevent back ups. Give FPI Services a call to schedule your appointment.